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We can provide a range of Video wall solutions using a range of technology to suit anyones requirements. From modular LED panels to seamless plasma screens, we can provide any size of video wall from 4x4 upwards.

Choosing the right type of video wall for your project can be rather confusing. With several different new technologies available, it's important to make sure you pick the most suitable for your application. For example in projects where people are going to be upclose to the screen it is best to use a seamless plasma system. Whereas on systems for concerts a LED modular system is better suited.

Our Seamless Plasma's can be installed in a variety of methods and we can even custom design framework to suit your needs.

How we can install your Video wall

Every clients vision is different, and we always strive to make sure that your vision is made reality no matter how cutting edge it will be. There are many ways we can mount your video wall to suit your surroundings.

Wall Mounted: Using specialist brackets we are able to wall mount your video wall against a wall. This is great when a large wall is available and a client wants to offer a backdrop without taking up too much space.

Ground Supported: Similar to a wall mounting our ground solution allows you to put the freestanding video wall anywhere even when a supporting wall is not available. Custom surrounds can be offered to make tour video wall even more bespoke.

Flown Screen: Want to have a video wall but don't want to loose floor space or just want to keep it out off reach of the public. our flying systems allow you to fly a wide range of video walls in the sky above everything.

Seamless Plasma video walls

videowall - seamless panelsWe can help you design your perfect video wall solution for your event from full video walls to horizontal and vertical plasma strips 1x3 etc.

The Plasma strips are very effective at adding some extra impact to your project, allowing you to stand out from the crowd!

We can provide Computers and software where required to run even the most complex of details.

Please contact us to discuss your project further. We can work with clients, designers and installers to create your vision perfectly.

LED Pixel Video wall

led videowall
Led video walls are build up from modules, this allows clients to be extremely flexible with their designs, some even use these modules to create a 3d wall, like a cube for example.

The bonus of LED pixel screen walls is the ability to control brightness. This means you can control the screen according to venue size. No point in blinding your guests.

We have a full range of Pixel wall solutions available please contact us with your requirements.

Outdoor Video Wall

outdoor mobile led screenOutdoor LED Video walls are a great way to bring the excitement from where the action is to everyone at your event. Also known as jumbotrons, giant TVs, and video walls; These LED screens are quickly becoming popular as event organizers realise the advertising potential that using video display's can bring.

With a set up of less than 15 minutes, these screens can easily be set up and used in multiple locations. Guests love having an up close veiw of the action, and event sponsors love branding and putting their message across to any captive audience. Best of all on a large screen.

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